“Forrest Gump” Film Review

The comedy/drama movie “Forrest Gump” (Tom Hanks) tells Forrest’s life story. When Forest was a young boy in Alabama he had to wear leg braces to straighten his spine out. Forrest was also mentally slow, but her never thought of himself that way. Forrest was optimistic in everything he did. Forrest inspired many with this optimism and his ability to just run. Forrest became a football star, a vietnam war hero, where he met two of his closest friends Bubba (Mykelti Williamson) and Lieutenant Dan (Gary Sinise), and a shrimp boat captain. All of these accomplishments were great for Forrest but the one accomplishment Forest wants is to save his troubled love Jenny (Robin Wright) .

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Forrest Gump (July 6th 1994)
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Forrest meets Jenny on the first day of school, because he is different than all of the other children they refused to allow Forrest to sit with them on the school bus. Jenny did not mind that he was different so she lets Forrest sit with her, which becomes the beginning of a love affair with Forrest and Jenny.

After watching the closeness of Forrest and Jenny when they were little kids, and then seeing how protective Forrest is of Jenny when they are adults we instantly want to know if Jenny and Forrest will end up together through all the chaos and hoops they have jumped through. No matter how many times Jenny fought against Forrest in his efforts to be her man, to protect her she always pushed him away. We want to know if Forrest and Jenny will come together in the end so that Forrest will get his happy ending with Jenny.

“Forrest Gump” is a mixture of many different genres, because we see more than one storyline going on within his lifetime. This movie is definitely a romance between Jenny and Forrest, but it is also a comedy because we get many laughs from the goofiness of Forrest and our other supporting characters. When Forrest goes off to fight in the Vietnam War we see lots of action with the exploding bombs and the soldier combat. This is also narrative of his life that he tells from a bus bench to the many individuals that accompany him while waiting for the bus.

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Forrest telling stories on the bus bench
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The story of Forrest Gump is both entertaining but has multiple deeper meanings beneath its surface. Forrest Gump will keep you engaged and laughing all the way through but also teach you a life lesson or two. Forrest tells us in the beginning of the story “Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get” – (Forrest Gump (July 6th, 1994)).

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“Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates”
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This means expect the unexpected. When Jenny refuses to marry Forrest the first time he asked we can learn a couple lessons with the way he deals with it. Forrest told Jenny ” I’m not a smart man but I know what love is” – (Forrest Gump (July 6th, 1994)). Which teaches us to always believe in love. When Jenny was gone the next morning instead of getting angry Forrest decided to just go out and do what he did best, run. By doing this Forrest teaches us to put the past behind us and to just keep on going.

Forrest Gump was an amazing story that definitely deserves the awards given. The story of one man with limitations is able to break past these limits and achieve so much more than the average man could imagine. Within two hours you are able to be taught so many lessons that can guide you through your whole life. The story is very unique which would make it like no other. The movie is also able to span over a large period of time within those couple hours. Tom Hanks did exceptional acting as Forrest Gump, Tom was really able to portray who the character was and no other would have been more fit for such a role.

The movie “Forrest Gump” is a little different than most movies because it has more than one storyline to it but generally the movie does follow the Freytag story Pyramid. The inciting incident started with Jenny allowing Forrest to sit with her on the bus and everything going on from there to Forrest finding out about his son and Jenny asking Forrest to marry is the rising action because Forrest becoming a father and husband would be the climax. The resolution is when Forrest is waiting for the bus with Forrest.

Forrest Gump fits into Blake Snyder’s plot analysis as well. Forrest Gump would be the Fool Triumphant genre. Forrest Gump started out being seen as nothing more than the town idiot but he proved to be much more and able to achieve more than ever. When Forrest completes all of these achievements he becomes a surprising inspiration for everyone in the town.

I would characterize Forrest Gump as the literary hero, the romantic hero because Forrest you would say was rejected by society because of how mentally slow he was and the leg braces he had to wear as a child. Forrest was considered simply the town idiot, until his hidden talents were revealed. These hidden talents ended up with Forrest becoming a great inspiration for his town and even his country.

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“Run Forrest Run”
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Forrest Gump became a dynamic character because of his mentality that you will never know until you try and along with his simplicity to life. Forrest was able to change to an overachiever that did more than any human could imagine. Forrest started out as just an idiot that had a disability and changed into; a football star, a vietnam veteran, a ping pong champion, and a millionaire shrimp boat captain, and an inspirational runner.

There were many different types of characters in this movie. Bubba is a flat character he was a simple character that never really changed throughout the story. Jenny was quite the opposite she was a extremely complicated character and only seemed to get more complicated throughout the story. Lieutenant Dan I would call a dynamic character because he went through changes during the story even though he stayed generally the same the most of the movie. Forrest Gump’s mother was a static character that stayed the same the entire story, she was the same sweet inspirational woman in the beginning and the end.

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Lieutenant Dan
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There were two aspects in this story that really stood out to me. The plot of the story stood out to be greatly because it was different and unique. The set up of the story was entirely unique. Seeing how things changed with the characters and society during the story was really interesting. Watching the point of view of Forrest Gump change was so cool to see. The little lessons that were placed all throughout storyline was eye opening. The story had a unique but effective way showing these different life lessons.

The main conflict in the story was between Forrest and Jenny because Forrest wants to love Jenny but for a long time Jenny wants to be nothing more than friends with Jenny. Forrest wants to protect Jenny from all the dangers that befall her but Jenny does not really want Forrest to protect her. Even though Forrest does not consider the physical mental limitations of himself I think that it is part of the conflict because he was excluded from the rest in the beginning because of his low IQ and leg braces. Forrest also has to deal with the conflict of all of those that he loved most dying one after another (Mother, Bubba, and Jenny).

The strongest points of the story are when Forrest is doing the most inspirational things and doing the going past expectations, such as when he ran across America multiple times only stopping for food, and when he repeatedly ran back into the zone of fire in order to save Bubba but saved several other soldier while trying to do so. The worst points I think would be watching Jenny deal with her abusive past and the struggling life she ended up with. The best moment though, was when Jenny and Forrest were together as a family with their son Forrest.

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Jenny Praying To Become A Bird
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The story was extremely successful in making me laugh and pulling at my heartstrings, but also blowing my mind. This is a great a movie for adults and teens that I would give a grade A because I do not think I could make the story any better. – Caitlyn Hamrick

Premiering Seniority In Theaters

Long ago in the town of Shelby North Carolina lived a young man named Dennis N. Wilson. Dennis enjoyed viewing movies from the summer blockbusters “Jaws” to the Science Fiction movie that was out of this world, “Star Wars”.  These were some great movies, but the one movie that he remembered most was “The Ten Commandments”. Dennis and his father went and watched this movie in order to make mom jealous. He may have not had the best intentions when watching this, but it is a movie that he remembers most from his past 60 years ago.

Mr. Wilson recalled that the graphics in the movies have changed tremendously over time. When he went and watched “Jaws” seeing the shark jumping out at you was amazing to be able to view in a theater. Dennis went and watched “Star Wars” when he was a senior in high school and seeing the characters flying around and fighting in space was out of this world. One thing Mr. Wilson said he would never forget was listening to the sound of the lightsabers as Luke and Darth Vader battled it out.  Even though seeing these visuals in the movies now is no big deal, with the advancements of technology that attribute to these changes, seeing this 50 years ago was a huge deal that did not seem possible for you to be seeing with your own two eyes.

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Luke and Darth Vader Fight
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Graphics may have made a big change in theaters and film but Dennis said that no big changes have happened to the environment in which you view them. The food is still popcorn and candy with a nice soft drink to tight you over. It was the same way 50 years ago according to Mr. Wilson.

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Coke and Popcorn
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Dennis did not just go to the theater to view the new movies hitting theaters. He would also make a stop or two at the nearby drive in every now and then. Being able to sit in the back of a pickup truck or an SUV with the hood tied down was a great way to relax on the weekends. Watching the marvelous screen before you with the stars twinkling above you, and the cool night breeze surrounding you was so relaxing and amazing in the sameway.

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Drive in under the stars
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Dennis did not watch many films growing up in theaters at home. If Dennis was to watch a film it was normally cartoons on saturday morning. Dennis did not have many luxuries to film growing up. Instead of spending his time watching films at home or in the theater he would go outside and play when he was younger. When HBO, Showtime, DVDs, and VCR’s came out it did not have much change on him because Dennis could not afford to have any of these programs until he was grown and out on his own.

When Dennis was able to find the time go and rent a movie he would normally target movies that were of the action or comedy genre. Dennis enjoyed watching many James Bond movies when he went and rented. Dennis’s taste in film never really changed over time. He still to this day enjoys a action or comedy film. When Dennis finds time to sit down and chill with one of his beloved action or comedies he usually uses HBO, Netflix, or Hulu.

Dennis now visits the movies much more often than he used to. Dennis visits the movie about twice a month, the advancements are insane compared to the quality of the movies 60 years ago. When Dennis last visited the movies he went and watched the movie “Bumblebee” and “Aquaman” that he enjoyed very much. Science Fiction is another film genre that Dennis has a big interest in. The comics of Dennis’s childhood are now being transformed into incredible movies such as the Marvel and DC movies that have recently been released: (Wonder Woman, Justice League, Thor Ragnarok). – Caitlyn Hamrick

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Dennis Wilson

Age-60 years old



Residency-Shelby NC

Interview Date- February 11th, 2019

What Film Baggage means to me and why.

When you watch a movie you are looking at that movie in your own perspective, in your own way. Whenever you watch a movie you see someone or something in a certain movie and your mind is making connections on these details, whether they are small or big . These connections can be based on the cast you see in the film or the setting the film is taking place in, either way your mind is trying to find connections from your past experiences. These connections can affect our thoughts and perspective on the movie. For example you may see a actor or actress in a movie that you love and this will impact your opinion on the movie. Fondness of a actor will make your mind think that this movie is much better than it really is, and this can go both ways positive and negative. This way of thought is what you call baggage.

We all have baggage. I have baggage just like any other person. I once personally did not have the slightest interest in science fiction because I thought it was just all different kinds of weird science theories that were simply unnecessary to make a film out of. This was part of my baggage. Any time someone mentioned to me the thought of going and watching Sci-Fi I instantly turned them down. One day I took a chance though and I went and watched a marvel movie, “Captain America Civil War”. I went and watched it because my family forced me to go see it, and I decided I’m just going to go to sleep in the theater while the movie is running. When the movie started I watched a little bit of the movie and I thought “Hey this is not that bad, this is kind of cool”.

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“Captain America Civil War”
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I walked out of that theater absolutely in love with the movie. I could not believe that I enjoyed the movie that much. Ever since then I have gone and watched every marvel movie that came out. Then “Wonder Woman” came out and this movie was even better and now I watch the DC movies that come out every year too. Just because I ended up being dragged to movies I did not care for I was able to find a whole new genre of movies that I now adore.

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I learned a lot from this experience. Opening up room in your baggage is not a bad idea. Stop sealing your baggage up tight because trying something that you thought you did not enjoy can only help you. If you end up still not liking the film you have proved yourself right and if you walk away liking the movie you just have a larger variety of film to entertain you, and who does not like more entertainment.

Even though I let some film baggage in that helped me it does not mean I should let my baggage get heavier and heavier. There is some baggage that is not good that can do nothing but weigh me down. When I watch a film and have a bad experience that gets placed in my film baggage as well. This baggage may keep me from going to see, say the sequel. Your brain makes the connection that if the last one was not any good than the sequel can not get much better. To overcome this negative baggage sometimes you have to fight the judgements you have made in order to overcome these judgements. Step out of your comfort zone.

I used to have a insane obsession with the television show “Once Upon A Time”. One of my favorite characters were killed off, Robin Hood. Just because the actor “Greg Germann” played the role of the character that killed him. I would not watch that actor in any other entertainment. Then “Greg Germann” started playing a role in another one of my favorite shows “Greys Anatomy”. Because of a role he played I refused to watch him in anything else even if it was a really good film that everyone loved. I was being seriously held down by my baggage here.

Sometimes in order to get over this you just have to remind yourself it is just television and the actors and actresses are just following directions from the director. They are just doing their job. When you think about this you get over it because you start to realize how silly you are really being. Baggage makes you biased and in order to be a good film critic you need to look passed your biased views and write the truth when writing about films.

-Caitlyn Hamrick on February 6th, 2019

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What Film Means To Me

For the first ten years of my life I lived in the same house in front of the same television set, surrounded by the same walls and same furniture. Then I was forced to move due to a awful tragedy in my life. When I had to move it seemed as if I was having to completely start from scratch with my life. Now I had to adjust to new surroundings, new family, and a new life. It is amazing how these little things can shape in so many ways, even movies and television.

I grew up sitting in front a small television during the afternoons engaged in all kinds of different Disney movies, and learning from the little lessons hidden in every Disney story. Many of these simple lessons are what shaped me. Just like any other little girl I adored the Disney princesses. My favorites were the Disney movies “Beauty and the Beast” written by Gabrielle “Suzanne de Villeneuve” and “The Little Mermaid” written by “Hans Christian Andersen” and “Howard Ashman”. Just like Belle I was quite a bookworm. As I grew older I loved watching and reading romance genres. If you have ever watched a good film there is always some kind of romance tied into every single movie no matter whether the film is action, science-fiction, etc. Now that I am older I watch romances rating usually PG-13, and action movies rating up to PG-13, and sometimes R. Even though I primarily watch action and romances I still find myself watching the Disney movies of my childhood because they can always make me smile no matter how old I get.

I do not think I ever outgrew my fairy tale phase. When a television show was created based on all the classic Disney fairy tales we all know and love I went ballistic. I fell in love with the show “Once Upon A Time” by “Edward Kitsis” and “Adam Horowitz”. I watched this show almost everyday because it seemed to be a way that I could dive back into my childhood but it still had the interesting content that was mature enough for my age to keep me interested. I became specifically interested in the character Regina also known as the Evil Queen, who was played by “Lana Parrilla.

Lana Parrilla a.k.a Regina/Evil Queen


My step-dad has recently got me interested in superhero movies, usually I watch movies based on the DC written by “Malcolm Wheeler – Nicholson”and Marvel comics written by “Stan Lee”. I have watched many interviews of two of my favorite actors from DC and Marvel movies, Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth. Jason Momoa starred in the recently released DC film, “Aquaman”, script writing by “Will Beal”. I went and watched this movie on Christmas and absolutely fell in love with it, so much so that I had to go see it again. Chris Hemsworth is well known for playing the marvel character Thor. I became most interested in Thor after watching the film “Thor Ragnarok”, script writing written by “Stan Lee”, “Christopher Yost”, “Craig Kyle”, and “Eric Pearson”.

Jason Momoa a.k.a Aquaman
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Chris Hemsworth a.k.a Thor
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I think I use movies and television to get away from the stresses that bombard me during my day. Calming down with a good movie at the end of the day can distract me from the things that anger or hurt me. When I am in a situation I do not want to face I simply think about a scene in a movie that I enjoyed and play it over in my head so that I can mentally remove myself from that situation that I just do not want to be in. For example when I am at a funeral and I do not want to bust out crying in front of all my family and friends I try to take my mind away from the situation and it usually is a scene in one of my favorite movies.

My Avatar- I love Wonder Woman as a role model because she wants to help everyone the best that she can, but she is also vulnerable and full of love and I believe she would be a good avatar to represent me. – Caitlyn Hamrick on (January 29th, 2019)
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